Pilates TRaining

The Best Teachers Teach in the Moment

How would you describe your presence in the Pilates Studio? Cheerful, affectionate, grounded, powerful, indulgent? I always find it amazing that two Pilates teachers can lead the same exercise, using similar cues, yet one of them leaves you feeling great and the other falls flat. This is the nuance that presence brings to a session.Read More

Educator Highlight : Roxana Molina-Lopez

I truly love to teach, as I feel a sense of great satisfaction when sharing my knowledge with others. I also learn so much from teaching. There are many times that I have had unexpected “aha” moments and continue to grow with each experience. Read More

Meet Kristin Loeer: Polestar Pilates Mentor

For some time now I’ve worked with a focus on the nervous system in movement. I have undergone further training in applied neuroscience and NLP coaching. Currently I am undergoing long term training in Somatic Experiencing, which is a method of trauma resolution through the felt sense and the autonomic nervous system (the part that deals with fight or flight and restoration and learning). Read More