Pilates for Rehab

The Secrets to Working with Joint Replacements

The ultimate goal is to give a positive movement experience. We need to help to re-educate movement patterns and then build strength! The instructor has to be aware of pathologies and common problems that we see on a regular basis.Read More

The Expert of Their Pain – Listening to Our Clients’ Stories

People who are not as afraid of their pain anymore are now prime candidates for the most powerful thing to change pain, which is movement. People in pain are afraid to move. They fear that they will undo their knee or hurt their back and their alarm system is on full alert while the back is healing. Tissues heal, right? It’s the education model designed to facilitate people to move that is where we really want to get them, that’s where the therapy happens. They are just afraid to move. Read More

Discover The 3 Elements That Make Up Motor Control

Polestar training teaches to lead exercise choreography, see and evaluate the biomechanics of movement, and understand coordination and motor control. Discover the three aspects of motor control, the individual, the task, and the environment. Read More

Educator Highlight : Karyn Staples PhD

I was a gymnast as a child and the movement made sense to me. In June 2002 I began the doctoral program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (Provo, UT) with the focus area of Orthopedics and Sports Science. The program provided access to wonderful teachers, mentors, and classmates from all over the USA. Through all of my doctoral work, I had continued my personal Pilates practice and decided to pursue a comprehensive teacher training program (the completion of the program counted towards my required practicuum). I was drawn to Polestar Pilates for the rehabilitation background and how the program would enhance my physical therapy practice. I completed the program in May 2005 and completed the Advanced Teacher Training coursework in January 2011.Read More