Pilates Class

The Best Teachers Teach in the Moment

How would you describe your presence in the Pilates Studio? Cheerful, affectionate, grounded, powerful, indulgent? I always find it amazing that two Pilates teachers can lead the same exercise, using similar cues, yet one of them leaves you feeling great and the other falls flat. This is the nuance that presence brings to a session.Read More

How to Motivate your Clients to Keep Moving

Adherence to an exercise program like Pilates is fundamental to ensuring the healthy objectives the practice generates are obtained. Explore the influences, variables, and tools you can implement in your teaching to motivate your clients. Read More

Factors to Design the Best Pilates Session: Part I

Does the “magic” Pilates class exist? One that serves both the student and the instructor? How are the best exercises chosen? Can a session be suitable for each and every member of the class? We’ll explore how to design the perfect class…Read More

If It’s Available…

In any movement practice that you teach, you will encounter students of all levels and ability. The Pilates industry caters to many different class settings, environments, and sizes. I used to teach group mat classes that had both seasoned movers and an elderly lady that could not get on the floor without assistance. Currently I teach mostly semi privates; the differences in any two bodies, even roughly at the same level, are vast. How is an instructor supposed to handle these differences? How are we supposed to keep our clients safe and still meet their goals? How can we teach the same class to so many different bodies? Here is a way you can make make multi-level classes work.Read More