The Expert of Their Pain – Listening to Our Clients’ Stories

People who are not as afraid of their pain anymore are now prime candidates for the most powerful thing to change pain, which is movement. People in pain are afraid to move. They fear that they will undo their knee or hurt their back and their alarm system is on full alert while the back is healing. Tissues heal, right? It’s the education model designed to facilitate people to move that is where we really want to get them, that’s where the therapy happens. They are just afraid to move. Read More

No Pain No Gain? Ingredients for the Perfect Fitness Recipe

No pain No Gain?  Polestar educator Karyn Staples PT, PhD, NCPT discusses how cross training, moderation and epsom salt might be crucial ingredients for the perfect fitness recipe. When You Don’t LOVE your Exercise Anymore It’s been nearly two months since you resolved to get more exercise. You started with the best intentions. You went […]Read More