Graduate Highlight : Steffi Jauw of Polestar Pilates Asia – Jakarta Indonesia

One of my best friends – who was in the process of taking her exam – introduced me to Polestar. She raved about how great it was and highly recommended it to me. Pilates is for EVERYBODY! I love how Polestar teaches us to adapt our cues & teaching to fit our clients’ needs. Whether our client is post-injury & in need of a little extra attention, or you have a client who is very athletic & is using Pilates to enhance their performance – Polestar Pilates provides!Read More

Do You Oov?

Sandy Vojik has been a physical therapist for 2 years and completed her Polestar Pilates training 3 years ago. She is a native of Riverside, IL but currently resides in Salt Lake City, working alongside Amy Broekemeier at Pinnacle Performance. She loves creating positive physical and mental changes in her patients by tailoring her evaluation and […]Read More