Fascinating Neuro-Concepts You Need To Know As A Pilates Instructor

Neuroplasticity is the nervous system forming, adapting, or reorganizing in terms of its structure and function.  Neuroplasticity describes the actual structural changes that can occur to a brain when it comes to learning and adapting, and also in terms of function and how we relay and communicate information “out” (from the brain).  It does occur throughout all stages of life however it certainly seems to slow down with age but that’s not to say that it doesn’t continue to happen, it’s just the process can be a little bit slower or requires increased thoughtfulness to facilitate the process.  Read More

Educator Highlight : Angela Crowley

As a former gymnast and dancer, I always expected to have control over my body. A serious car accident took that control away. I lost fine motor use in my right hand and if I sat for an hour my right leg fell asleep. Traditional approaches including hospitalization in traction and intensive physical therapy didn’t lead to much progress or hope. I was told to learn to write with the other hand and that I would not be able to dance or do things like running or skiing again. I didn’t believe it. A pivotal moment was when I met a Naturopathic doctor Mark Manton who changed my life and is one of my mentors to this day. He applied and educated me in a holistic approach which included diet, acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy, osteopathy, meditation and movement re-education through Feldenkrais then Pilates. I became a massage and movement therapist integrating Pilates. Read More