Kate Strozak

What Do I Need to Know about the Nervous System as a Pilates Instructor?

Before diving deep into pathologies and individual situations, it is always helpful to first gain understanding of any broad topic. I like to refer to this as becoming a master chef compared to a home cook who can follow recipes. Neither approach is wrong, but it’s helpful to identify your intention in order to seek out the information that will best help you. I’d also like to stipulate that I am a home cook and love following a good recipe – there really is nothing wrong with this! But with human movement and healing, I aim to be a master chef who can create master dishes based off of ratios and large-scale understanding.Read More

Fascia in Pilates

Being aware of what fascia is and where it is located is a great start to incorporating our understanding of it in movement education and science. Have you also ever wondered why continuously stretching what you think to be muscle tissue doesn’t consistently yield results in you or your clients? Perhaps it’s not the muscles that need impacting but a fascial restriction that is producing sensations of tightness, restriction, or rigidity. How do you address this? I propose a whole body movement integration session with manual therapy, movement, or a combination of the two. Read More