Mentor Highlight : Christophe Blanc – Polestar Pilates Asia, Hong Kong

Our mantra should be to live a life that is pain free so we can enjoy and savor every moment. As a mentor, I love to teach students the theory and science behind Pilates and help them to understand why Pilates can change peoples’ lives.  The Pilates approach to movement is unique and fascinating: it requires a methodical approach, linking the mind and body.Read More

Graduate Highlight : Steffi Jauw of Polestar Pilates Asia – Jakarta Indonesia

One of my best friends – who was in the process of taking her exam – introduced me to Polestar. She raved about how great it was and highly recommended it to me. Pilates is for EVERYBODY! I love how Polestar teaches us to adapt our cues & teaching to fit our clients’ needs. Whether our client is post-injury & in need of a little extra attention, or you have a client who is very athletic & is using Pilates to enhance their performance – Polestar Pilates provides!Read More