injury prevention

“The Constant” in Pilates

Becky Phares, PMA®-CPT is a Polestar Pilates Graduate, Practitioner and contributor to the Polestar Life Weekly Blog.  With more than 10 years of teaching Becky teaches at her studio The Body Initiative Pilates Studio in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Find Becky and her Studio on Facebook: The body Initiative Pilates Studio and Instagram @the_body_initiative_ . “The Constant” I have a new theme… “The […]Read More

Injury Prevention & Pilates Teacher Training

Katrina Hawley NCPT, is a Polestar Educator and graduate of the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Program. This morning I was working with a client who was experiencing shoulder pain due to swimming.  She asked me, “will my shoulder pain go away if I stop swimming?” I responded, “maybe, but do you really want to stop swimming?” […]Read More

Runners Knee: The Science Behind Injury and Prevention

Runners Knee – Discover the science behind the injury and how to prevent and treat PFPS. Many of our online followers have been asking us about patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), more commonly known as runner’s knee.  What is it?  What exercises can prevent it?  What exercises can treat it?  With the abundance of conflicting information […]Read More