Educator Highlight Shelly Power

Shelly Power is the Director of Curriculum for Polestar Pilates.  She has been teaching Pilates since 1992 and has lead teacher trainings since 2000.   Shelly’s unique and rich teaching style includes aspects from her specialization in NLP communication and experience teaching dance and movement to children.   We sat down with Shelly to learn more about her, including her […]Read More

Polestar Graduate Highlight: Amy Foster Berntsen

Dance, Yoga, Gyrotonic, Pilates…she does it all!  We interviewed Polestar graduate and practitioner Amy Foster Berntsen in Miami, FL.  Her unique perspective of movement informs her teaching and lifestyle -read more to learn about Amy! Catch her on instagram @amynamaste Polestar: What do you love about teaching? AFB: Teaching for me, is a service of […]Read More

Expand your Movement Potential: Unconscious Competence & Limitless Potential

We are creatures of comfort and spend a great deal of our focus and effort to minimize possible discomfort. For example: cushioned shoes, central air conditioning and heating, heated steering wheels, cooled car seats, grocery delivery, etc. It’s fantastic that we have these innovations and conveniences built into our lives, but does it carry over […]Read More

How do we Know we’re Teaching a Great Class?

A great class starts with identifying goals.  What message do we wish to convey to a group or an individual that will be under our guidance for at least an hour at a time?  As movement instructors, whether we are teaching yoga, Pilates, dance, GYROTONIC®, etc. a critical part of delivering a memorable experience is identifying the needs and wants of our students.  So the question becomes: How do we identify goals for an individual or a group class that are both aligned with our experience as professionals and the students’ desires?Read More