Energy Medicine

Meditation & Pilates

When I bring my awareness to my body, I experience this sense of “flow”. This flow is always increased for me after a positive movement experience. Read More

Educator Highlight Shelly Power

Shelly Power is the Director of Curriculum for Polestar Pilates.  She has been teaching Pilates since 1992 and has lead teacher trainings since 2000.   Shelly’s unique and rich teaching style includes aspects from her specialization in NLP communication and experience teaching dance and movement to children.   We sat down with Shelly to learn more about her, including her […]Read More

Polestar Graduate Highlight: Vennesa Leopold

We sat down with Polestar graduate Vennesa Leopold to learn about her Pilates practice, teaching and what she does outside the studio! Polestar Pilates: What do you love about teaching? VL: I have a passion and heart for people. I love getting to know them and helping them get the most out of life. I […]Read More

Energy Medicine: Science or Witchcraft?

Dr. Carol Davis once told me that all evidenced-based practices started as witchcraft. For years I have attempted to separate my evidenced-based practice as a health care practitioner from my clinical belief in many of the energetic medicine modalities.  I have pondered on this long and hard and have chosen to be a leader in […]Read More