Colorado Pilates

Educator Highlight : Misty Woodden

Two of my inspirations are Runity and the Oov. These two trainings align with the Polestar principles and have given me new avenues to explore movement and enhanced my rehab “toolbox.” Runity has given me assessment and teaching tools to not only help my clients with their running, but has also improved my own running. It has also made me more conscious of being varied and spontaneous in movements and approaching exercise more playfully. After the Runity program, my husband and I started entering Xterra competitions. I have kept my focus mostly on the trail running events, and I am enjoying running more than I ever have! The Oov has been equally inspirational. The emphasis on eccentric control using the Oov has proved to be very effective in being able to create new motor patterns. It has also been awesome in several of my clients’ home programs. Read More