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Educator Highlight: Nichole Anderson, NCPT

Polestar Educator Nichole Anderson has been teaching for 10 years. Her first comprehensive was with Bob Schroedter and Cynthia McGee LaPortilla in 2004. Nichole began as a Polestar Mentor under Educators Amy Broekemeier and Dannielle Holder in Salt Lake City, Utah where she taught group and private Pilates from 2010 – 2016. She has assisted […]Read More

The Polestar Principles of Movement

What sets Polestar Pilates Teacher Training apart from the rest?  Polestar Principles! What are the Principles of Movement? 1. Breath –  “The Breath is the first act of life and the last” “Above all else, Learn to breathe correctly” – Joseph Pilates. Have you ever considered what function of the body initiates the breath?  How do the movement […]Read More