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Private Pilates Courses

For facilities, hospitals, and studios

Ever considered hosting private Pilates courses for your studio, gym, or institution? Polestar partners with universities, institutions, hospitals and studios around the world to help impact the world through intelligent movement.

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Host a Polestar course at your facility

Polestar curriculum for Pilates training offers a program that is scientifically based in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science. Students learn key tools that amplify their specialties, or even allow them to begin their journey in movement training. As an experienced resource, Polestar offers turnkey programs that generate instant value for your organization and inspire continued and collaborative interest from students.

Polestar also offers supplemental online and no-site education events for your facility at no cost!  Host a free Polestar event at your facility with our Introduction to Pilates Online Lecture followed by an on-site hour and half movement experience and Q&A with one of our qualified Educators or Mentors.

We also have the perfect program for universities and clinics – learn more about Pilates Immersion courses.

Private Pilates Courses

Polestar Pilates has provided me with a holistic, evidence-based framework to apply in my personal movement practice and in my movement teaching. The Polestar organizing principles and associated apparatus exercises offer both specificity within a Pilates practice and adaptability in transference to dance and somatic practices such as Bartenieff Fundamentals. I’ve found Polestar Pilates to be a wonderfully multi-faceted and integrative movement tool.

Frederick Curry, Polestar Graduate, Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts

Frederick Curry