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See Pilates in a New Light

Pilates Immersion (Gateway)

Discover the art of teaching Pilates to enhance your knowledge, or to begin a career as a teacher.

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Through clear cueing, visual imagery and tactile facilitation of optimal movement patterns you will improve your effectiveness as a professional.

Pilates training that will get you the tools to provide better movement experiences for your patients or clients. In this program, selected Pilates Mat and Equipment exercises are taught to provide practical and applicable knowledge of form and sequencing techniques. It serves as a gateway to realizing the complete benefits of accurate exercise.

Beginning with at-home study preparation, the program shifts into experimental labs for well-rounded and collaborative learning. You will experience a variety of movement sequences throughout the courses that can be immediately incorporated into health and fitness programs.

We offer the following programs:

  • Pilates Mat Immersion
  • Pilates Reformer Immersion
  • Pilates Equipment Immersion

We regularly offer the Pilates Immersion program through universities and colleges. If you are a student interested in enrolling, or a university interested in offering the Pilates Immersion program, please contact us.

Pilates Immersion Offerings

  • Gateway Online
    • Self-paced, start now
    • This three-hour online training is a requirement for all who attend any of the Pilates Immersion training courses. Gateway Online is included when taking any in-person Pilates Immersion course (Mat, Reformer, Equipment).
    • Program reviews the history of Pilates, Polestar concepts, and scope of practice
  • Pilates Immersion Programs (Mat, Reformer, or Equipment)
    • Each program is a 16-hour course
    • Students will be able to understand key Polestar concepts and be able to teach four basic Pilates classes based on the type of equipment of the program (Mat, Reformer, or Equipment).
    • Learn how to design a safe + effective multi-level classes
    • Identify- common movement faults, contraindications + precautions of fundamental Pilates exercises
    • Learn how to cue a positive movement experience
    • Understand how + what optimal movement feels like within your own body + movement experience

I cannot praise the program enough. It is comprehensive, guides students along every step of the way, accessible to all ages/learning backgrounds/physical abilities and, most importantly, provides a tangible structure that was consolidated to be built on in future. Since starting Pilates three years ago, I feel that I have tapped into something life-changing and this weekend has only confirmed this belief.

Maya M., Polestar Student

Maya M.