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NameTypeFeatured Polestar Author
Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Active Versus Passive Approaches to the Treatment of Recurrent and Chronic Low Back PainDissertationBrent D. Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT
Introduction to Pilates-Based RehabilitationArticleBrent D. Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT
Who are the people looking for the Pilates method?Descriptive StudyClaudiane Brum Vieira, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Polestar Educator)
Intra-abdominal pressure during Pilates: unlikely to cause pelvic floor harmResearch ArticleDannielle Holder, NCPT (Polestar Educator)
Derivation of a Preliminary Clinical Prediction Rule for Identifying a Subgroup of Patients With Low Back Pain Likely to Benefit From Pilates-Based ExerciseResearch ReportLise Stolze, MPT, DSc, CSCS, NCPT (Polestar Educator)
Effect of performing the Standing Pilates repertoire on balance in an aging female population, a randomized controlled trialDissertationKaryn Staples, PT, PhD, NCPT (Polestar Educator)
(PORTUGUESE) The effect of Pilates-based Physical Therapy in Patients with Low Back Pain During PregnancyResearch ArticleChristina Aparecida Neve Ribeiro Machado (Polestar Graduate)
Women’s health, the Pelvic Floor Paradox and a Naturopathic approachArticle/Interview
Comparing the Pilates method with no exercise or lumbar stabilization for pain and functionality in patients with chronic low back pain: systematic review and meta-analysisResearch Article
Effects of Pilates Training on Lumbo-Pelvic Stability and FlexibilityResearch Article
The role of clinical Pilates exercises in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a pilot studyResearch Article
Effects Of Pilates Training On Muscular Strength And Balance In Ballet DancersResearch Article
The effect of Pilates exercises on body composition: A systematic reviewResearch Article
Effect of Pilates training on people with ankylosing spondylitisResearch Article
The effectiveness of the Pilates method: Reducing the degree of non-structural scoliosis, and improving flexibility and pain in female college studentsResearch Article
A Randomized Controlled Study Investigating Static and Dynamic Balance in Older Adults After Training With PilatesResearch Article
The efficacy of the addition of the Pilates method over a minimal intervention in the treatment of chronic nonspecific low back pain: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trialResearch Article
Increase or Decrease Depression: How Body Postures Influence Your Energy LevelResearch Article
Career in Focus: Staying on Her ToesAccolades, Fall 2015Kathleen Bower, DPT
Run, Forrest, Run!Pilates Style, 2009Polestar Pilates
Powerhouse: Brent Anderson - Higher EducationPilates Style, 2011Brent D. Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT
Small Business SpotlightMiami HeraldPolestar Pilates Studio - South Miami
Health: Live longer and enjoy a healthier lifestyleYorkshire Evening PostClaire Sparrow and Kath Nisbet (Polestar Graduates)
Burgess Hill dancer’s Pilates lessons help healthMid Sussex TimesVicki Harris (Polestar Mentor)
(SPANISH) Pilates a fondo de la mano de dos profesionales del sectorVitónicaJuan Nieto, DO, NCPT & Blas Chamorro (Polestar Pilates Spain Licensees)
Passion, to the CoreFayette WomanKaryn Staples, PT, PhD, NCPT (Polestar Educator)
(SPANISH) Realizan innovador programa de entrenamiento Gateway PilatesTerraPolestar Pilates in Chile
Where Pilates and Physical Therapy MeetAbout.comBrent D. Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT
Kinder, Gentler RehabAdvance Healthcare NetworkBrent D. Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT