Pilates Continuing Education Workshops with Dr. Brent Anderson

Dr. Brent Anderson

Summer Workshop Series

with Dr. Brent Anderson

Join Dr. Brent Anderson this summer in two exciting workshops that will teach you about working with clients with lumbar stenosis and optimizing your foot and ankle work.

We have a special offer for Pilates Hour attendees! Pay the price of only one workshop when you sign up for both events!

Each registration includes 30-day unlimited access to the recording, even if you cannot attend live.

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3 Hours Each
Online, Live
NCPC (PMA) Credits
3 Each
Dr. Brent Anderson
Next Date
July 27th & August 17th

So, the Doctor Said You Have Stenosis

July 27th at 12PM Eastern, 3 Hours

Join spine expert Dr. Brent Anderson for an insightful workshop on spinal stenosis. Learn about the diagnosis, common misconceptions, interpreting radiological findings, and managing the fear associated with stenosis. Gain confidence through statistical evidence and research to better teach clients with stenosis.

  • Understand lumbar stenosis pathology
  • Recognize false-positive diagnoses
  • Learn Pilates movements to ease pain
  • Communicate with healthcare professionals
  • Build confidence with stenosis clients
  • Reduce fear of the diagnosis
  • Work within your scope of practice

Feet First

August 17th at 12PM Eastern, 3 Hours

Discover how our feet shape our interaction with the world. Join Brent to explore the lower extremity kinetic chain and understand how the foot and ankle influence human movement. Learn practical applications to enhance foot and ankle function for better posture and movement.

  • Understand the biomechanics and biotensegrity of the foot and ankle
  • Experience functional foot and ankle patterns in standing posture
  • Learn simple exercises to improve body awareness through the feet
  • Apply foot and ankle mechanics to improve gait

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“Brent delivers a first class course. The lecture coupled with lab in a small group setting is the perfect learning combo. Brent’s teaching style is informative and detailed including the right amount of antidotes to keep it light and interesting. Highly recommend.”

Julie Sill, Pilates & Yoga Teacher / Studio Owner

Julie Sill