Continuing Education

Continuing Education

For Pilates Teachers and Physical Therapists

Polestar Pilates continuing education teaches interventions for a variety of pathologies and client needs. Develop your skills and gain expertise in working with special populations. Our continuing education is led by leaders in their respective fields including assessment skills, rotational sports, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, critical reasoning and more. Many of our courses provide CEUs/CECs for the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP), formerly known as PMA credits.

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Continuing Education

Advance your expertise with these specialty courses

Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions Pilates Master CourseLise Stolze, Hagit Berdishevsky25
Mat Pilates Teacher TrainingBecky Phares24
Polestar AnatomyEryn Apanovitch, Brent Anderson, Shelly Power8
How to Find Customers OnlineDan Grech, Andreina Santaella11
Movement and Chronic Low Back PainJuan Nieto16
Osteoarthritis of the Hip and KneeBeth Kaplanek3
Runity: Painless Runner CourseBrent Anderson, Juan Nieto, Blas Chamorro12
Oov Online ComponentDaniel Vladeta3
Oov Rehabilitation Case StudyDaniel Vladeta1
Advanced Assessment Skills (Interview and Qualitative Movement)Brent Anderson, Carol Davis4
The Down and Dirty 5 Assessment MeasuresBrent Anderson1
Breathing: Nourishment, Healing, CleansingBrent Anderson1
What are the Abdominals For?Juan Nieto1
Introduction to Pilates for RehabilitationBrent Anderson1
Introduction to Pilates for OsteoporosisSherri Betz1
Energy MedicineAlexander Bohlander2
Subtle Energy and Pilates, Part 1Carol Davis1
Subtle Energy and Pilates, Part 2Carol Davis1
Polestar Life Conference: Joe's Simple Formula to Health and HappinessBrent Anderson1
Polestar Life Conference: Work Smarter, Not HarderShelly Power3
Polestar Life Conference: Miraculous Discoveries of FasciaCarol Davis3
Polestar Life Conference: The Biology of PerceptionSharon Kolkka1.5
Polestar Life Conference: How Do We Know What We Know?Marilyn Schlitz1
Polestar Life Conference: A Breath of Fresh AirLarry Cahalin1.5
Polestar Life Conference: Moving ImaginationDawnna Wayburne1.5
Polestar Europe Event: Achieving Optimal HealthBrent Anderson1.5
Polestar Europe Event: Fascia and Energy HealingCarol Davis1
Polestar Europe Event: The End of Pilates TrainingAlexander Bohlander1
Polestar Europe Event: Wisdom QigongDaisha Chu Kocica1
Casos Clinicos con BrentBrent Anderson1