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Pilates Teacher Training for Everyone

Pilates is a growing industry which continues to flourish as people continue to seek healthier lifestyles. Since 2015, the Pilates and Yoga industry has grown 5.4% each year on average and expected to continue to grow. 1

There are many Pilates programs out there to choose from; how do you pick the best instructor training for you?

Now is the best time to become a Pilates instructor and change lives. With Polestar Pilates, you can work with any client while setting your own hours for a fulfilling, lucrative, and balanced lifestyle. Not only will you understand the body and how it moves through science and practice, becoming a Pilates instructor allows for you to:

  • begin or enhance a meaningful career in wellness
  • spend each day impacting the lives of your clients
  • create better outcomes for your clients

Whether you want to open your own studio, build your own hours and help others, or even incorporate Pilates into your own Rehabilitation practice, the Polestar curriculum can supplement your current lifestyle or help you build your own career.

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Develop Your Skill Set and Succeed

From pre and post-rehabilitation to fitness and athletic performance – the application of the Pilates repertoire is as unique as the spectrum of clients you encounter. Become a Pilates teacher with:

  • Foundational Biomechanics of Movement and Anatomy
  • Assessment skills and Sequence design techniques
  • The skills to develop your Voice as a Tool with Neurolinguistic skills
  • Cueing Techniques (verbal and nonverbal)
  • The ability to motivate your clients in group and private classes.
  • Proficiency in the Pilates Repertoire across all of the Studio apparatus The Pilates Reformer, Mat, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Trapeze Table.
  • The ability to teach every body you work with

Global Leaders in Pilates Teacher Training

Join the global community of inspiring like-minded individuals with one shared goal – to MOVE the WORLD by becoming the best instructors in the field. With 30 years of experience and 10000+ graduates in over 50 countries, Polestar is the Gold Standard of Pilates Education.

The Polestar Difference

Our curriculum is founded by a Physical Therapist and is upheld by a curriculum committee of professionals that are as passionate about research and innovations in movement science as they are teaching Pilates and seeing you succeed.


East USA
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Hadley, Massachusetts
  • Juno Beach, Florida
  • Miami, Florida
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Siler City, North Carolina
  • Woodbridge, Virginia
Central USA
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Denver, Colorado
West USA
  • Newport Beach, California
  • Oakland, California
  • Park City, Utah
  • Pasadena, California

Our 450-hour curriculum honors the tradition of classical Pilates movements while equipping students with the tools to adapt the Pilates method to any and all clients. Polestar Teacher Trainings empower critical thinking through concepts rather than repertoire.  Our delivery is a hybrid of online lectures and in-person modules that give support throughout the entirety of the training.

Our program will equip you to:

  • Teach Pilates movements on all the Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector)
  • Understand precautions, contraindications and modifications for injury and special populations
  • Utilize tactile cueing to provide hands-on guidance
  • Employ neurolinguistic techniques and imagery to give meaningful cues
  • Build confidence through observation and practice teaching
  • Assess and develop thoughtful programs for any client
  • Prepare meaningful sequences based on Polestar’s sequencing design protocol

The hybrid course consists of online learning modules followed by in-person labs and virtual discussions that allow you to evaluate the practical applications of Pilates exercises, develop assessment techniques, understand movement sequences, and modify exercises and programs for individuals. Completion of the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Program qualifies you to sit for the National Pilates Certification Program exam.


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