Expand Your Client Base in One Week

If you invest in your career, others will too.


Now accepting applications for our Transition Intensive in Miami, FL at Polestar HQ

You know the exercises.
You’ve graduated from a Pilates program and may have become PMA® Certified.
You have worked your way through all of the equipment, and your clients love you for it.


Do you ever get the feeling that you should learn more?


We’ve been teaching the science of movement since the early 90’s, before there was any formal Pilates training available.

Founder Dr. Brent Anderson is a Physical Therapist who also studied dance prior to his PT education. This rare combination of understanding why the body moves while feeling the results led to the program many have grown to love today. This is the heart of what we teach – the best of both worlds.


“Polestar has given me the confidence to know that I can probably help [my clients].”

— Christine Krauth, Polestar graduate

The Polestar Transition Intensive program is a 7-day series that is not for newbies in Pilates. It is coupled with online course material and resources so that you can refer to everything you have learned throughout the week.

We know you’ve put in the hours as a graduate of another program, so we’ll dive right into our philosophies. You’ll learn about the science of movement and discover how this will make you a better instructor.

This course sells out every time we run it, because we only select a handful of applicants at a time.


This program includes:
  • Web-enhanced learning:
    • Access to online support materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (listen to mini-lectures, view exercise content and review movement concepts)
    • Live chat sessions with qualified Polestar Educators and Mentors
  • Labs (doing, observing, teaching)
  • Problem solving (utilizing case studies and deductive reasoning)
  • Hands-on teaching (group and individuals)
  • Assessment skills
  • Principles of neuro-linguistics (modeling, sequencing and structuring information, maintaining appropriate learning states)




Find Out if You Qualify:

Fill out a few details below to determine if you qualify for the accelerated Transition Intensive Program. We will contact you to follow up.

List number of years of Pilates study, institution, area of study, instructor and graduation. We may request proof of education.

Transition Intensive in Miami, FL:
February 22-28, 2016

Location: Polestar Education Studio
7300 North Kendall Drive, Suite 105
Miami, FL 33156


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